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I graduated in 1967, went on to Cardoso High, then on to Colgate University (class of '74). After that I worked for a think tank in Washington D.C. and also did human rights lobbying for a Capitol Hill NGO. Then I took off for graduate school in and got my Ph.D. in Political Science and International Studies.Have been a Latin American scholar ever since, and Professor at the University of California, Riverside, outside of L.A. My wife two kids and I live in Claremont, CA.

School Story:

JHS 67 brings back fond memories. For example, i'll never forget standing in the lunch line in the alley, waiting to get back into the school, screaming "Weinooo!" behind Mr.Weinberger's back. He'd turn around suddenly and try to figure out who the wise guy was so he could nail him with detention. I never got caught, though Wayne Hazzard sometimes did. Or marveling at the ignorance of a substitute Spanish teacher (forgot his name)who actually was trained in French and tried to keep one lesson plan ahead of us. Oh how we tortured the poor soul. And then of course there was Mrs.Rosenfeld, the Earth Science Teacher. What can you say? The most interesting, quirky, eccentric, teacher I've ever had...If you will! We had to present science projects in 9th grade, and we had a classmate who came to the front of the class with some undefined object inside a carboard box. She struck a match, and lit the object on fire (don't ask me why) and soon the box itself was ablaze. Rosenfeld had to break out the fire extinguisher to put it out. To this day I don't have a clue what Wanda Goodman was trying to do up there.

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Happy 64th Birthday Bones. In a few months I'll catch up.Enjoy your day.

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Remember back to 1966-67 earth science? Remember that Zany teacher Mrs Rosenfeld? if you have fond (weird?) memories of that time and would like to share those with me please be in touch if you will! Also join me Eric Janofsky and Harlan Handler in exchanging email messages on every solstice and equinox. Email me and Ill add you to the conversation. As Rosenfeld would say "really and truly."

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