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Hi dawn, i want you to know how very grateful and appreciative i am that you memorialized my beloved brother, Alan Saftchick. Thanks to this web site, people from 50 yrs ago who i had lost touch with, actually contacted me and even showed up at Alan's funeral in Florida. Alan was a loner and I know he was looking down and smiling to his his old buds. After viet nma, Alan was never the same person people knew from JHS 67. This web site is the glue that keeps us all together when we have lost parents, siblings and spouses. My mother always said that having someone to reminisce the good old days with is priceless. Our delightful childhood memories stay alive thatnks to your hard work and continuing efforts.
   Thank you again and again.
vicki (saftchick) Luckman 







Hi Dawn,
Attached is Andy's original email regarding the situation, please see the images attached of the protest and Andy and wife. I think something simple... A classmate and friend of ours Andy Lifson is a teacher in Madison Wisconsin. As you watch the news Andy has been demonstrating for the union's right to collective bargaining. If you feel compelled please send him a note of support. Andy can be reached @
Thanks Dawn. Please note I tried to be a part of the on line email reunion but could not get the site to type.
Hope all is well. Richie
Attached Message
From: Andrew Lifson <>
To: Andrea Russo <>; Don Adler <>; Carol.Davies <>; ken corn <>; Tom Climo <>; Dave Kaloustian <>; Jon Dunn <>; Edward Edelman <>; Fred Spompinato <>; Richie Fox <>; Steve Feldman <>; Lou Lifson <>; Marilyn Milkman <>; Michael Malin <>;; Starr Lifson <>; Tom Silvestri <>; Anna Lifson <>
Subject: Scenes From the Front Line, Days 1 and 2
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 20:43:45 -0800 (PST)
As you're no doubt aware, there is revolution in the streets of Madison. My wife and I are both Madison public school teachers, and we've been going down for the demonstrations every day this week. As of this correspondence, that would be three days of docked salary for each of us and counting. As we've been saying, we don't mind paying a few more bucks towards health care and pensions, but our fascistic, college drop-out, Tea Party-backed governor, Scott Walker, is intent upon getting rid of collective bargaining. And our salaries will be slashed by about 9%. This the Republicans call "modest proposals." And don't believe reports that it's just us teachers out there. We've been joined by firefighters, cops, prison guards, nurses, steelworkers, etc. It's been exhilarating, exhausting, terrifying, enraging, highly emotional, enervating, depressing...all at the same time. Today, Jesse Jackson was in town. I shook his hand and thanked him for coming (I didn't mention that crack about "Hymietown"). There are rumors afoot that Bill Clinton is coming to town for this, as well as Sarah Palin. Actually, tomorrow (Saturday) loads of Tea Partiers are being bussed in from out of town (Virginia, I think). And Ed Schultz, of MSNBC, is to be thanked for getting the word out. He's been doing his show in the shadow of the State Capitol.

That last photo (I think it's the last one) is of Linda and myself (me in the Packers hat--Packers, whoo hoo!) along with our youngest daughter Holly, a high school sophomore. I'm very low-tech, so I hope that these photos come through.

This has started in Wisconsin, but sad to say that this sordid drama will be playing out in your state soon.

As the chant goes that's been reverberating around Madison these days, "What's disgusting? Union busting!"

So keep us in your thoughts, please. We're fighting the power!






I don't think it is appropriate for you to politicize this JHS 67organization, 
one way or the other.  I wish to be removed from the website and all further 
communication from it.



Please remove my email address from your circulation list.
Thank you,


Dawn I thank you for attaching this email from our alumnus.  I am also a union member and feel very strongly about this matter.  I couldn't be more appalled by the governor of Wisconsin and anyone who felt that this was a political statement about anything other than human rights is a fool!

How can you be in 2 places at once
When you're not anywhere at all?


Hi Dawn
I think you are doing an amazing job !
I can hardly imagine just how much time and effort you have put into all of this.
I for one appreciate all your efforts as I have had much happiness as a direct result of this website.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Kindest regards, Ilene Borden class of 1966....
yikes that sounds like such a long time ago.



 hi dawn

  i back you 100% in this e mail,and all you do for everyone and how you keep 
  site up and together for us all!!!!!!!




Dear Dawn,

First let me re-say kudos to you for the great job you do with keeping the web site alive and current!


You cannot be blamed for passing along a request by fellow alumni. You were certainly not judgmental, encouraging or discouraging anyone else from their beliefs.

You have nothing to apologize for.

I would post this to the site if I knew how!






I don't remember if we ever met, I am familiar with your name.  I lived on Douglaston Parkway in Beech Hills, and I guess one could say I was sort of a loner.  I would also say that I was a kid that was "bullied" in school, but I hung in there and went my own way.  I

don't care what people say about or against me and I don't think you should either.  You are doing a great job by putting the web

site together and what some people have to say should not bother you.  I served this country in the early 60's to early 70's in the

U.S. Navy spending on and off 46 months in Viet Nam.  The same people that said something to you were probably the same people

who demonstrated against the military action in Viet Nam and that is all they know how to do, "complain".  I hope you get the meaning of what I am trying to say.  Don't worry about what they say... In your heart you know what you did was right..You are

doing one hell of a job and keep up the good work.....


Thank you,

Steve Silver

Steve Silver

Hi Dawn,

I don't want to get news of a classmate's doings in Wisconsin.  I don't want to know what books they've published,
nor about their birthdays, weddings, children, or grandchildren.  And you know what?  I don't have to know.
I can unsubscribe.
Ehhh, gimme a break.  The fact is that our many "alumni" have varied interests.  Some just want to hear from 
classmates from the own BH or DD neighborhood, some about only kids with which they want to school PS to JHS. Some
enjoy hearing about activities and "family stuff" that their classmates/friends from Douglaston and LN are involved
with now.
Honestly, I think that most people understand there are varied interests. Some of it will be of great interest 
and some of no interest. In the latter case, people simply can delete an e-mail. I don't think that I knew Andrew Lifson,
but was interested nonetheless to read his posting. 
Some people are so crotchety today.  And self-centered.  They may not like a certain update and the heck with everyone else.
Thanks for your follow-up note.  You are absolutely right.  If people don't like receiving update--then they can
easily unsubscribe.  I assure you, Dawn, that 99.99% of us very much appreciate all the work you do
to maintain the site and build it out.  It's a cliche but so very true in this case:  What you do and have done
every day for 10 years and running is a labor of love.  Period.  Thank you!
A few other things. I so very well remember going out sleigh riding on 2/16/61 and realizing that day pushed
me over into double-digits.  Yes, I was 10 years old.  Wow!  Wednesday, was exactly 50 years later....
Something very different.  In December my aunt died.  She and my uncle lived in Boynton Beach.  A few weeks
before Aunt Charlotte died, she called me to say the end was near and asked me to do a eulogy in her memory.
Long story and I'll skip the details, but come the funeral day I was in the reception room with my uncle and two cousins
prior to the service.  Y'know, you just stand around and greet well-wishers who have come to play their respects.
I was sort of deep in thought about the eulogy I was about to give when someone walked in.  I was just about in shock.
One of our "neighborhood kids" showed up.  I don't like to get personal, so I'll just say she and I went to school
together from 67/221 to 67 and then to Francis Lewis.
She and her husband live nearby Boynton.  Why had she come?  Her reply:  "Jimmy, everyone needs
a friend at a funeral."  Old friends.  Old friends.  Neighborhood kids, again.
And thank you, again, for all of your good and your hard work.
All best wishes,




No problem wit your last email.  Don't pay attention to nay sayers.  They are all over the place.  Keep up the good work, if you need to be selective, send me the political ones others get pissed off over.




Well written Dawn. When I got the email my response was… great…a chance to get some dialog going. I probably did not agree with the position  Andy Lifson was taking but your sending out the email was not offensive in any way. I chose not to be the first one to take a different position, and then decided not to rain on Andy's passionate beliefs.


Your email says it all and I couldn't agree more. Your rules in the last paragraph are perfect and if I may be so bold, I would suggest that dialogs also not get personal if these things continue (and I think they should!)  Don't let the incident change anything you do…like you said, people can simply opt-out.


This site will be great for some interesting forums as long as your well stated rules are followed. I just don't get why people who don't agree with something  just don't express their opinions in intelligent and non-offensive ways…or ignore, not complain. Oh well….







do you have binding arbitration at your job? I don't. No one I know has. Do your best job and hopefully your employer notices you are a Top performer. We've been throwing money at things so long; overpaying non performers. The party is over! Do a Great Job and People will Notice and you will be rewarded! Sorry for my union friends who disagree. I object to this email blast however. Especially the tone.



HI Dawn, I'm on the '67 mail list. Just wanted to let you know I appreciated
the email from Andy in Wisconsin and was very glad to get first hand info
about the situation there.


class of '61.


        Michael I. Vickers, PhD, LMFT
     Family Development Associates
             FDA/CE Certifications
                 40 Speen St. #106
           Framingham, MA 01701



Hi Dawn:
Sorry to hear that you took crap over forwarding Andy's e-mail. Below is the e-mail I sent to Andy. As I said in my e-mail to him, the public employees of Wisconsin are fighting the fight for all of us whether in employed in the public or private sector. Unfortunately there are too many folks who don't have the sense to know that.
I am thinking that you heard from some of those folks who have theirs and don't give a hoot about anybody who doesn't have theirs.  

-----Original Message-----
From: lewislevy53 <>
To: andrewlifson <>
Sent: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 3:12 pm
Subject: Lewis Levy, JHS 67 graduate on the state of your state

Hi Andy:
I just happened to be on line when Dawn Kopman's e-mail on your e-mail came through to my in box.
I am a retired employee of the NYC Housing Authority. Though Authority's are technically creatures of the State, there would be no NYC Housing Authority if there were no NYC and my pension is part of the general NYC pension plan. Now having said that, you should know that you and all your fellow employees in Wisconsin have all my empathy and sympathy.
People erroneously think that public employees have it just ducky. I was just talking to my brother Jack his morning and told him the median salary of a Wisconsin public employee was 48K. He said the cost of living is lower in Wisconsin than NY. I said Jack, other than housing the cost of living in this country is pretty much the same and 48K is not a lot of money. I said at that salary rate, you can afford a house for perhaps 125K and 125K does not buy much of a house any place in this country.
Now having said all that your fight is for all of us public and private employees. If public employees are stripped of their benefits, companies in the private sector will feel more empowered to take back such things as medical benefits, vacations and sick days. All of us will suffer if the guys in Wisconsin are successful in cutting your pay, your benefits and your right to negotiate.
I consider myself a moderate when it comes to politics. However my feeling about the attitude of the hard core republicans goes something like the following. "I have mine, I don't care that you don't have yours." So once again your fight is the good fight for all of us.
Is there a place where I can send a contribution to help you guys with a strike fund? If you don't know please be kind enough to find out. That is one way and perhaps the only way that I can help out.
Lew Levy, Louis Pasteur class of 1963


Dawn: Keep doing what you believe is right for yourself or to have others enjoy it..  It seems like people always want to find something wrong with the good deeds of others since they themselves could not have achieved it.    Alan Rauchwarger



Hi Dawn, 
You need not apologize. You do so much for us all. You are the glue that keeps us as one. 99.9% of us would elect you president of the universe.

Sent from mobile device


Hi Dawn,  Please don't apologize for anything or any content posted at the JHS 67 website.  The e-mail posted was not your words or your thoughts necessarily.  You were simply doing a public service for an alumnist.  I was one of the people who answered Andrew's rather "angry" e-mail, and even though he is entitled to his opinion, he has to realize that not everyone shares it.  A bit short-sighted and ego-centric if you ask me.  You do a wonderful job at maintaining the website and I enjoy it immensely.  It is a great venue to keep in touch and you should feel nothing but pride in the work you've done and the job you've accomplished.  Please don't let someone else's negatively adversely affect what you do.  You deserve nothing but accolades, as you have given tirelessly of yourself to promote this endeavor. 

Have a good night.


I think it was great. I don't know Andy, but I am sympathetic. 
Todd Farkas, jhs 67, 1966 (and I went there for kindergarten waiting for p.s. 
221 to open)


Hi Dawn,

I am sorry that some alumni did not appreciate your email. Personally I did
appreciate receiving it. Good bad or indifferent I like to know what my
fellow classmates are up to. In my opinion this is the personal story of
someone we know. Had they been living in Egypt and sent photo¹s of their
recent revolution would that make it different for your naysayers? Had the
email been about George Tenet would that have made made it OK? Obviously not
everyone agrees about politics in this country and lately it seems to be
getting more like red sea parting again (that¹s another story), but your
site is about us, JH 67 alumni, and this was a story about one of us.

Keep them all coming.

Best regards,

Michael  Malin


Well it took three days and three boxes of kleenex!

What you have done here is beyond amazing (and I am extremely hard to impress).

God willing, if at all possible I will make it our business to make the reunion.

Keep up the absolutely incredible job and THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FROM, I AM SURE, the hundreds who have waltzed down memory lane via your efforts,

Bruce Hirshfield (JHS67 1965) and my wife/life Renee Zupnick Hirshfield (JHS67 1966)

PS. Please feel free to publish this with our blessings!


Dawn...I want to thank you for making this possible...I haven't been to any of the prior reunions and loved it...
thanks again, Mark Schanzer

I know that Dawn said last weekend was the last of the reunions, but I disagree! It's never too early to Plan!


When:   Friday July 20th, 2020 - 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Bed time)

Where:  Little Neck Senior Living Center & Nursing Home (Horace Harding Expressway & Little Neck Parkway)

*  All Parking - Handicapped Parking

*  Medical Staff on call 24/7

*  Free Samples of Depends, Ensure, & Drugs

*  Musical Entertainment - The Rolling Stone(s) (Whoever may still be alive from the group)

*  Fabulous Gormet Buffet - Pureed meats and Vegetables, Jello, Prunes and Applesauce

*  Guest Speaker:  Orthopedist Dr. A. Nickolous - New Hips, New Knees, NewYou!  

*  Special Guest:  Dr. Maurice Nadler (Reanimated) - "Memories of  JHS 67"              

*  Mystery Guest:  Dr. Kavorkian

Cost:  400 Yuans (Converted from Obsolete U.S. Dollars to Chinese Currency)


Hi Dawn,
I'm very sorry that I cannot join you, all, for what I know will be a
fun-filled and memorable weekend.  I just can't swing it, times being what
they are....

I much enjoyed our e-discussions a while back about our growing up years.
This led to others with some other "kids" from BH, DD, Doug. & LN.  I
eventually did write about it.  :-)  Nothing incredibly good or memorable,
but it was something that I wanted to set down in writing.

You are most certainly doing 10 to 12 things at once now!!  Not gonna
barrage you with 1,000+ words.  But later, I'll send it to you.  Remember,
you were the one who said I HAD to write.  Like in school.  :-)

To anyone who might remember me, feel free to say hey.
Have a great weekend.

All very best wishes,


Dear Dawn,

          Thank you so very much for putting all of this
        together. I've had the honor and fun of finding
        many of my friends from JHS67 and it's been
        great. The web page and then the reunion, I'm
        sure that it's been a daunting task but you and
        everyone involved in this great endeavor have
        triumphed magnificently.
           I'm sad to see that this is going to be the last
        reunion. I never knew about any of the others and
        I know that they too must've been great. Maybe a
        few years from now there'll be another reunion.
        My failng health will not allow me to make the trip
        this year. Hopefully there'll be a mini reunion and
        I'll be able to attend.
           Once again, thank you so very much for all of your
        hard work and long hours to put the reunion together.
        Please give my best to all of my friends and teachers
        especially Mr.Rubin.
                                                                                Albert Chapman 

Once again, I must thank you for all the efforts. You put magic in all our lives. THANK YOU. It seemed like it was over so quickly.

Once again, you guys did a Fabulous job, and it was TRULY appreciated by all, even though some like to complain! Just ignore them.
Check out the pic of me and my new BEST FRIEND!

"To Susan and Dawn: Thanks again for all you do to keep this community alive"