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So, I had just about given up on this site. Then, pray tell, the memory gods emailed me that I actually graduated in 1965, and no matter how often I entered 1968 and 1967, I would not find my old friends and other folks. I did not love my life in Deepdale. Nor did I like school at 67. Those were troubled times, weren't they. I did love my
friends at LP. now that I found my class, I am overwhelmed by all the names on this list that I have unsuccessfully tried to track down over the years

I have been an actor and director, but mostly an attorney defending mostly young indigent people accused with murder. I also do death penalty cases, but I am pleased that there is no death penalty in New York.

Married twice. Divorced twice. Two terrific young men

As for politics, I agree largely with Bill Maher. Who cares? Anon.

Some of our teachers are omitted from what I think is a list:
Mr. Weinberger (Math) nasty man
Ms. Seriphilia Petrusa (world history). Told class she had a year to live. See school memories. Probably more.

Work at Court Houses all over the place. Get in papers and tv a lot. When they were young - and small- the boys would cry when I was holding them watching tv, and daddy suddenly appeared. I do win a lot.

Haunted by an unusually strong memory - useful in court - but really - a curse.

School Story:

Here' what happened

A continuous and pervasive fear of nuclear annihilation -- particularly in classrooms without desks

Civil Rights Movement grew legs.

Brown v. Board of Education decided

Integration began. ( what happened to Kenneth Chambers, Deborah Code (big crush recipient) and all the other African Americans who are not on the list),

Vietnam ( as freshmen/ women we saw "advisor status." By 1965 it was a WAR.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: the 1st time the magnificent Ms Garfinkle (English) cried as she dismissed us just to go straight home. Almost Nuclear Annihilation for real. My family was going to drive out on Long Island. The kids were not given a choice.

JFK assassinated : the 2nd time Ms Garfinkle (still wonderful) came into class crying and dismissed us early (Friday, November 22, 1963)

Goldwater defeated by this fear

Vietnam continued ( fear of draft sets in)

Crosby in shop had a paddle. ( I know)

Bertha Starke ,in, art, hated "mud colors". Using such colors - even to paint mud- engendered this Yowel . One day a kid named Billy Kelly ( who was known for a knife? Fight with a Danny? Puglese) some students carried her Volkswagen bug to the 3rd floor landing over on the side of school where the student entrance was. I don,t know wha happened to the Bug. It was either the Custom Preps or the Whalens.

Egan in Gym was a sadist who taunted me by taking "Chaikin" pills. What he didn't know was that I was taking "Egan" Pills

Then there was mr. Weinberger and his "girls." One day, long ago, there was a young man named Kenny Chambers in our class. One day Kenny, who obviously had a better hold on reality than me, and huge cojones, carved "f;-k you, Weinberger into that back row wooden topped desk in the third column from the front door. The giggling began to swell among us, and Weinberger slowly approached the smiling Mr Chambers. He read the suggestion on the desk, and retook the front of the room. Without missing a beat, mr. Weinberger uttered an epithet that has lived in my memory ever since, " Kennet Chambers, you pulled a boner, now chew it!" Nobody looked it up. But everybody was hysterical. When it dawned on Mr. Weinberger why young teens might be laughing at his word choice - he added to the shocking situation. He followed: " I could understand this from my boys, BUT MY GIRLS!? He threw then Boys out of the room - or maybe it was the girls.

My mom had a hair pulling (one way) down and out with Weinberger in the hallway. Too embarrassed to explain. Mom was tough.

I had so many crushes, I can't get started.

I remember so much more, and if desired, ill write more. But these were really terrible years for me - and for all of us. My only respite was my friends. Thank you.

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Steven Chaikin has a birthday today.
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Steven Chaikin has a birthday today.
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Steven Chaikin has a birthday today.
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