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Occupation: Internist
Children: Michelle, born 1981. Graduated Hampshire College. Enrolled in Masters program in counseling at University More…of San Francisco. Married. Lives in Sacramento, CA.
Jessica, born 1984. Graduated Manhattanville College. Working for University of Colorado on partnership program between the University and public schools in Denver and Boulder to design and build special playgrounds for schools with students at risk. Planning to go for Masters in Landscape Architecture. Lives in Boulder.
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Moved to Rockville Centre after graduation. Went to South Side HS then to Cornell. Met my wife there. Continued to play the bass for musical shows and wrote for and edited Cornell Engineer magazine (although I was not an engineer). Graduated and went on to New York Medical College. Did internship and residency at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. Went into practice in internal medicine with a small independent HMO in White Plains in 1981. In 1985, merged with Kaiser Permanente. Had two challenging but wonderful daughters who are, as they say, a real comfort as we get older. Left Kaiser in 1999 for private practice, still in White Plains, with growing multispecialty group. Still practicing internal medicine (because I can't seem to get it right yet). Was playing the bass again with Hudson Valley Wind Symphony for 13 years until 2008 but just did not have the time anymore. Being the meat in the middle of the sandwich as part of the sandwich generation is very time-consuming and challenging. Still happily married to my true partner in life.

School Story:

I remember getting in trouble with my favorite math teacher, Mrs. Struhl, who was also my friend's mother. I sat right in front of her desk. I was doodling a silly stick figure with a label of "teacher" when she caught me in the act. I don't remember the punishment but, being the "goody 2 shoes" that I was, I was mortified. I recovered and Mrs. Struhl and I were "cool" after that.
I also remember the civil defense nuclear bomb drills where we had to get under our desk. I recall one on a clear day where the classroom had a nice view of Ground Zero, the Empire State Building. I was thinking that the desk wasn't going to do a whole lot to protect me. Later, in college, I had a poster in my room parodying those drills. Everyone probably has seen some variation on that poster which gave all the proper instructions for the drill then ended with, " ...and kiss your ass goodbye!"

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