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Occupation: Retired teacher
Children: Michael-born 1972, lives in Japan and is a tenured College Professor in English studies. He is married More…to Asako from Tokyo. David-born 1974, lives in Westchester and is a Financial Planner for Wells Fargo in Manhattan. He is married to Milena originally from Ukraine and has two incredibly intelligent, gorgeous children, Bella, 3 years old and Benjamin, 2 years old.
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I loved my old neighborhood. There was always someone to play with outside on 63rd Avenue or nearby. Living in Deepdale (and Beechhills) was a child's dream. I had the schoolyard across the street which seemed like a great adventure when I watched the older kids playing basketball or handball. Actually, the old men who played handball on Sundays were probably in their 30's. I learned to play squash; biked; roller skated with 4 wheels; played stooptag; hide and seek and punchball (the boys played stickball). I didn't know any other way of life after moving there, when I was just 7, from Brooklyn. The kids all seemed to be like me and in many ways they were. I have such good memories of growing up in Little Neck.

School Story:

I enjoyed my years at Louis Pasteur. I began there as a fifth grader, since PS 187 was overcrowded. The best moment of each day was when a particularly cute "older" boy passed my classroom. (Fifth grade was self-contained). I was in the school orchestra and played the violin (poorly, I think). But I was in the first violin section which meant something at the time. I remember walking home up the very steep hill, Marathon Parkway. Everyday, my friends and I would stop at the corner Deli and get a hot-dog or knish. That made the walk bearable.

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