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Richard Levy
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Occupation: Physician-Scientist, Author, Adventurer
Children: James, born 1982; Victoria, born 1985; Geoffrey, born 1989
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Listen to June 2012 radio interviews of me, linked on my website: For those with limited free time, click the audio link to my interview on the Jeff Diamond Show in Eastern Carolina, accessible partway down on the "Welcome" page of the website that describes my journey beyond Little Neck.

BA (1973) and MA (1975) in Biology at Hofstra; MD (1980) at Boston Univ; PhD in Biophysics (1991) at UC-Berkeley.

In my 20's, I hitchhiked 30,000 miles in North America (including NY to Fairbanks to LA to NY in summer 1975). Worked as a commercial halibut fisherman in Kodiak in 1976, just before starting Med School in Boston. Married to Donna in 1980 (still getting to know each other 37 years later, and still liking each other most of the time).

Internship and first residency program (Internal Medicine) in San Francisco (1980-1983); then Board-certified in Int Med. Then did PhD (finished in 1991) in Biophysics at UC-Berkeley (Einstein Fellowship Award, as Outstanding Graduate Student in Neuroscience Research). Early pioneer in millimeter-accurate 3D brain irradiation ("stereotactic radiosurgery") with beams of charged particles (using atomic nuclei accelerated in synchrotron designed by Nobel laureate EO Lawrence in the 1940's). Did another residency in Radiation Oncology at Loma Linda University (finished 1997; then Board-certified in Rad Onc, also), because hospital rules mandated that I have "official training" in the field in which I was already a world expert (with dozens of published papers and scores of presentations at national and international med-science conferences, all detailing my work treating patients with inoperable vascular malformations of the brain at a National Lab).

Academic titles: Medical Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Assistant Adjunct Prof of Diagnostic Radiology at UCSF; Assoc Clinical Prof of Neurosurgery at Stanford; and Full Prof of Radiation Medicine (Oncology) at Loma Linda Univ.

Recovered against overwhelming odds from hit-by-big-rig-truck accident in 2004 (coma for 7 weeks). Being the indestructible Man of Titanium, I still snow-ski on real mountains (Tahoe, Park City, Whistler, Vail) and scuba-dive in the Hawaiian Islands.

I've been to all 50 US states and to every continent except Antarctica. In my opinion, however, I'm pretty much the same guy most of you remember -- just with more bells and whistles.

Much, much more to the story, but for those who wish to know more about my life, I published in early 2012 a book of memoirs, entitled "Ride the Storms." My 490-page Magnum Opus (with dozens of interwoven photo images) is now available in hardcover (with dust-cover jacket), paperback, and e-Book versions on the websites of (my publishing venue), Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Check out my recently update website:

If any of you like my book, hate my book, or are indifferent about it, I'd still be glad to write a personalized and signed acknowledgment for you. Of course, that requires a hardcover or paperback book; I can't do the same for the e-books.

After decades of living and working in Northern and Southern California, since mid-2015 I've been living in Scottsdale, AZ, and still working full-time at venues throughout Arizona, playing doctor.

As many of you know, I've never been a guy who was short on words - whether they be small ones or big ones. What a long, strange trip it's been.

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